About Us

Who You Are

You have participated in a cardiac rehab program and are now looking for help and motivation to stay “on track”. You may have graduated from the Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab Program or the Cardiac Rehab Program at PRHC or other programs . You and your family are looking for a peer support program to keep you motivated.

Healthy Hearts Peterborough could be just what you’re looking for.

Who We Are

We exist to help each other and our family members stay on track with heart-healthy lifestyles.

We are all rehab program graduates or have participated in rehab. Healthy Hearts Peterborough offers heart-healthy information online and in monthly meetings. We focus on securing expert information and instructors on habits for a heart healthy lifestyle. You will be part of a peer support group. Who better to understand your situation than folks that have been through similar experiences? Ask your medical team if they think you could benefit from a cardiac peer support group with other men and women who are living and thriving with cardiovascular disease?

Our members share a common interest in maintaining heart-healthy lifestyles. Members are actively working at avoiding future heart difficulties or, a repeat of previous events, by learning about and practicing heart-healthy activities and nutrition while learning more about cardiovascular disease.

Our group is not run by or sanctioned by any hospital or rehabilitation facility. While our group may be supported by a hospital, rehabilitation facility or health care agency from time to time, our activities are not managed by those agencies.

We may share educational information, but we do not offer medical advice other than sharing accredited, publicly available information on heart health topics.

NOTE: If you are looking for medical attention for heart health related issues, our group is not the right starting point. If you are seeking medical advice about a health condition, please consult with your health care team. Your team can direct you to a suitable rehab program. Our members have all sought previous medical attention for cardiovascular related issues. They are now focused on staying “on track” with the educational and emotional support of our group.

Here’s What We Do

Our purpose is to provide each other with peer support to stay on track with heart-healthy lifestyle choices. We accomplish this through the following activities:

  • Help each other remain motivated and provide emotional support by sharing experiences and ideas in our peer group events
  • Continue our learning and education about heart health from experts and accredited resources in our meetings and online postings
  • Promote and practice heart-healthy nutrition and exercise in our programming and through our community partner
  • Clarify medication uses and alternatives with information online and in an annual workshop
  • Encouraging families and friends to support our heart healthy lifestyles